When you’re not feeling like mixing seven different types of flour together, having a great baking mix or two in your cabinet can just about save your sanity. You want to make a pizza but you’re sick of pulling cardboard-like crusts out of the freezer at the grocery and the last two gluten free pizza crust recipes you tried from scratch did not work. This is where Jessica Kahn’s new company kitch+table comes in.  Jessica spent the past couple years experimenting with recipes for the gluten challenged, and I’ve been lucky enough be do some of the taste testing along the way. The brand new company just launched with two fool proof gluten free mixes that everyone should have on hand.

kitch+table’s pizza crust mix is the closest thing I’ve had to deep dish pizza in almost a decade. Most pre-made gluten free crusts tend to be on the thin side, so it’s refreshing to take a bite of pizza where the bready part is really there. It’s so easy to make, especially if you’ve got a stand mixer.

Gluten free or not, kitch+table’s double chocolate brownie mix has to be one of the best brownie mixes you can buy. You, nor your friends would ever know the difference. I’ll let the above photo take it from here.

Both mixes are reasonably priced and available for purchase at http://www.kitchandtable.com/


O’Doughs carrot cake has a light, fluffy texture that’s not only gluten free, but also dairy free. When toasted or heated, the cake makes a great go-to item for a quick breakfast or a snack. You could also try it for dessert with homemade cream cheese frosting.  Be gentle with the cake, O’Doughs has mastered both excellent flavor and lightness in texture, but the cake loaf does tend to crumble easily. I purchased the carrot cake loaf at Rainbow grocery- check their refrigerator section for other O’doughs dessert cakes and products.


Millennium Restaurant’s innovative vegetarian menu is inspired by local, seasonal ingredients and offers many gluten free options on a daily basis.  On Tuesday, March 29th Millennium Restaurant is having a 5 course prix fixe gluten free winemaker dinner with Urban Legend Cellars from Oakland for $85 per person. Space at this event is limited so call them for a reservation @ 415.345.3900×10

Full post for Millennium Restaurant to come!

580 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 345-3900


Straw is a new restaurant in Hayes Valley with a great gluten free menu and a rather unusual theme: carnival fare. While you may envision their patrons consuming fried sugary treats, the menu at Straw is decidedly gourmet. Straw cleverly uses the carnival theme as inspiration for menu items like truffle oil popcorn and”carny” sandwiches on gf bread: think salami and brie with apricot preserves, or sharp cheddar with honey baked ham. So far I’ve only had Straw’s brunch, which actually does not yet have it’s own gf menu. Despite this fact, the waiters are very knowledgeable about cross contamination and let me know that several of the brunch dishes were naturally gluten free, or easily modified to be. I ordered “Wilber’s Revival” which was a braised pork hash (they subbed potatoes for the creamy grits…not sure why the grits weren’t gf). Served with gluten free toast, this meal was not only delicious, but reasonably priced. I will definitely be back to try their gluten free dinner menu in the near future. Its exciting that a restaurant this creative is doing gluten free food from the start.  Stay tuned.

203 Octavia Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 431-3663


Can you imagine how difficult it would be to attend summer camp as a child with celiac disease? Even if a camp was willing to “accommodate” special diets, your child would likely end up spending most of their time worrying about food rather then letting loose with all of the other kids. Lucky for kids (and parents) in the bay area, Camp Celiac at Camp Arroyo is a 1-2 week summer program created specifically for children with celiac disease (yes, you have to have celiac to attend). The camp serves exclusively gluten free food for every meal, including gf s’mores around the campfire. Set in the hills of Lafayette, Camp Celiac is home to a massive swimming pool and challenge coarse, along with activities like boating, zip lining, a rock wall, hiking, arts and crafts and sports.  All of this for a minimal registration fee of $25. The camp is run by the incredibly generous Taylor Foundation who exists in part from your donations. Find information about registration and other FAQ’s on their website- but hurry! Space is limited.


If you are tired of eye-ing that basket of naan when you’re out eating indian food with your gluten-friendly friends, look no further then Udupi Palace. At this South Indian vegetarian/vegan restaurant on Valencia Street, you will enjoy a variety of lentil based bread-y items that are naturally gluten free. Although the menu does not include gluten free naan bread or any actual (gf) notations, the manager has assured me on several occasions that their dosa and papadams are gluten free. These two items are made with lentil and/or chickpea flour. Many, if not all of the curries are also gluten free, and can be served with a dosa shell upon request. A dosa is a crispy crepe made of lentil flour and stuffed with spiced potatoes and vegetables, served with several dipping sauces. Oftentimes there is a line out the door for this restaurant. If you don’t feel like waiting, try Dosa, a restaurant half a block up Valencia St. with a swankier atmosphere, slightly higher prices, and a little (gf) note on the menu. (Future post to come.)

Featured Dishes: Masala Dosa and Papadum

1007 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 970-8000

1901 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 843-6600