O’Doughs carrot cake has a light, fluffy texture that’s not only gluten free, but also dairy free. When toasted or heated, the cake makes a great go-to item for a quick breakfast or a snack. You could also try it for dessert with homemade cream cheese frosting.  Be gentle with the cake, O’Doughs has mastered both excellent flavor and lightness in texture, but the cake loaf does tend to crumble easily. I purchased the carrot cake loaf at Rainbow grocery- check their refrigerator section for other O’doughs dessert cakes and products.


A San Francisco based company, Crave Bakery sells wholesale gluten free baked goods to dozens of food stores in California and the southwest. Featuring a multitude of specialty baked goods, Crave Bakery seems to own the market on pre-made gluten free  desserts at bay area grocery stores. The small apple tart pictured above was purchased at Rainbow Grocery and it turned out to be quite the little dessert for two. Just a step down from a homemade pie, the crust tasted buttery despite the item being “milk free”.  At around $4.99 for an item like this, I wouldn’t add it to my weekly grocery list, but it’s great to know that in a pinch I can pick up a quality gluten free dessert at my local grocery store.


Not only does Udi’s make one of the best gluten free sandwich breads I’ve tried, their pizza crust is also an excellent product. With your added toppings, Udi’s makes a perfect pizza for two in under 20 minutes. The crust is crunchy and light, lacking that unappealing texture and flavor that is so characteristic of most frozen gf crusts. Simply remove from freezer, top with your favorite pizza ingredients, and bake at 400 degrees until edges brown (about 15 minutes). Udi’s pizza crusts can be purchased at Whole Foods Market and Rainbow Grocery.

Jan 202011

Nut Thins (pecan or almond flavor) are my go-to gluten free cracker. Available at most grocery stores, they run around $3 a box and will impress anyone who tries them. These crackers got me through my early days of being gluten free, when most gf crackers still tasted like cardboard. I always get compliments, and many of my gluten eating friends are addicted. Great to eat plain, even better with cheese.


Moist, chewy cinnamon rolls can be purchased fresh at Mariposa Gluten Free Baking Co. and heated up in the toaster for a quick and delicious breakfast. Buy them individually wrapped or in 4-packs. They freeze well.

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If you’ve yet to come across a perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe of your own, Betty Crocker has expanded her endless product assortment with this easy gluten free mix. Betty Crocker’s line of gluten free baking mixes is available at most major grocery stores.


This sorghum based beer is a lifesaver for any beer-lover gone gluten free. Although there are a variety of gluten free beers on the market, Redbridge is one of the most common brands that can be found at dozens of grocery stores and restaurants in the Bay Area.