Zadin is a restaurant that’s been abuzz in the gluten free community for quite some time and their contemporary take on Vietnamese cuisine shouldn’t be missed. Clear gf indications are placed on the menu and waiters are knowledgeable about substitutions, allowing gluten free and vegetarian customers to order with ease. Along with several gf entrees, there are a number of excellent pho noodle bowls and appetizers to choose from, most notably the fried fish spring rolls. The soft rice paper rolls are filled with crispy fried fish, thin rice noodles, and fresh mint, they’re accompanied by a tangy dipping sauce; this dish (pictured above) is sure to make you a repeat customer.

4039 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

(415) 626-2260

California based chain, zpizza has mastered a fantastic recipe for crispy gluten free pizza crust and their topping combinations are pretty special too. Accommodating both vegan and gluten free customers, zpizza offers vegan cheese (that’s also gf), organic tomato sauce and a full ingredient list to ensure the order fits your dietary requirements.  My favorite was the “Tuscan”, a pizza made with roasted garlic sauce, mozzarella, truffle oil, and topped with caramelized onions and mushrooms. For a fresh, vegetable lover’s pizza, the “California” is a perfect choice. Gluten free crusts come in both small and large sizes, pictured above are both smalls: plenty for two people with a couple slices leftover to take to-go. Zpizza has locations across the country, but the health savvy chain is fairly new to San Francisco and another one just opened in Petaluma. It’s great to have a reliably good gluten free pizza crust not only at multiple locations in the bay area, but also available all over the states.

*Although zpizza does not claim to be a gluten free environment, precautions are taken to isolate ingredients and avoid cross contamination.

833 Mission Street, Suite C
San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 995-5552


I’ve previously exalted The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen for serving up perfect house made gluten free bread, but somehow until this morning it hadn’t dawned on me: the place serves breakfast sandwiches. If you’re gluten free, you know how hard it is to get your hands on anything other then eggs, yogurt, or fruit when getting breakfast on the go. Sometimes being deprived  from bread in the morning can mean starvation by 11am. If you’re in the neighborhood, do everything in your power to stop at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen for a perfectly crafted gluten free egg and cheese sandwich.

Pictured above: “Breakfast Piglet” sharp cheddar, artisan cured ham, egg, and rosemary butter on gluten free bread.

1 South Park Ave.
Suite 103A
San Francisco, 94107


Imagine being part of a community that’s 100% gluten free. You’d never have to ask about ingredients or quietly slide your plate aside when someone bites into an explosive baguette. The shower of crumbs raining onto your plate would be gluten free, and you could even break off a piece of the bread yourself.

For two weeks such a gathering exists at a summer camp in the rolling hills just outside of Livermore, Ca. Camp Celiac hosts over 200 children aged 9-17 who’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease. Counselors and campers who all adhere to the gluten free diet descend from around the country for this unique experience where mealtime is anxiety free and every food is safe. “All year our campers have to sit back and watch their peers eat foods that to our campers are poison.  For this one week we want to treat our kids like princes and princesses; allow them to fully engage in everything without once having to think, is this gluten free?” Jacqueline Corley and her husband Doug in partnership with the Taylor Family Foundation and YMCA do an outstanding job organizing Camp Celiac on the grounds of Camp Arroyo each year. With activities ranging from camp-wide scavenger hunts and soccer games to art projects, archery lessons and zip-lining, kids have little time to worry about the nuances of being gluten intolerant. Instead campers spend every minute engaging with new friends and immersing themselves in the beautiful setting of Camp Arroyo.

In the mess hall, picture every meal you’ve longed for since going gluten free: lasagna, pizza, mac n’ cheese, ravioli, quesadillas, chicken noodle soup, apple pie, pancakes, french toast… pure comfort food.

If campers are still hungry after three grilled cheese sandwiches, breaded chicken tenders and unlimited access to a salad bar, they can help themselves to a chocolate brownie with thick vanilla icing. Sometimes, the kitchen really gets creative. One lunch hour ended in a build your own cupcake party. Each table was served a dozen red velvet cupcakes (courtesy of Miglet’s Bakery) with accompanying bowls of cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. Campers and counselors were in heaven.

Those of us adhering to a gluten free lifestyle share a close bond. For me, this connection was largely unrealized until volunteering as a counselor at Camp Celiac where friendships are formed almost instantaneously as campers and counselors identify with every joy and pitfall of living gluten free. Attending camp really brought about a fresh outlook on having a significant dietary restriction and its wonderful to see how quickly kids gained confidence as they became part of this close-knit community.

See my previous post for more info here!


Described as a multidimensional dining experience, Source pulls out all the stops to make vegetarian food appeal to the masses while still maintaining their focus on healthy, high quality organic ingredients. The best part? A good portion of the menu is gluten free. With dishes ranging from masala dosa to truffle mac n’ cheese (vegan option available too), Source incorporates many different genres of cuisine to best suit any vegetarian’s craving. Gluten free folks, you’ll have a hard time choosing between options like spicy Asian rice noodles and sir fries, crispy pizza or veggie dosas, pasta primavera in addition to fresh salads and raw food items. Their menu is clearly marked with gluten free symbols. Don’t forget your vegan brownie bite on the way out the door!

11 Division St.  @ Deharo

San Francisco, CA

(415) 864-9000


Potrero Hill may not be the first neighborhood that comes to mind as having the city’s most buzzed about restaurants, but the hilltop community houses a number of neighborhoody cafes and upscale eateries that are undeniably worth the cruise across town (or for me, a jaunt up the hill). Over the past couple of years that I’ve called Potrero home, it’s been exciting to discover the gluten free awareness popping up here and there among the handful of restaurants that line 18th street. My most recent find? gluten free crusts at Goat Hill Pizza. As Potrero’s oldest restaurant, the locally owned pizza place has developed a loyal following since its humble beginnings back in the 1970’s. On the nights we’d stroll past this neighborhood favorite to get sushi, I’d hold my breath. I just couldn’t bare inhaling the intoxicating pizza smell whose heavenly aroma spans half the block. After recently getting wind that Goat Hill now serves gluten free crusts supplied by Mariposa Bakery, I headed straight to the once forbidden restaurant and without hesitation waltzed through the door and ordered up one of the best gf pizzas I’ve had.  Above pizza looks small, but was plenty for two. I was told measures are taken to avoid any cross contamination.

300 Connecticut Street
San Francisco, CA 94107-2816

(415) 641-1440

Out The Door is the popular offshoot of San Francisco’s renown restaurant, Slanted Door. With a gorgeous new location in the heart of the Fillmore neighborhood, Out The Door is upping the ante. Their original to-go style cafés located in the ferry building and Westfield shopping plaza offer excellent gluten free friendly Vietnamese noodle dishes, spring rolls, and rice bowls that boast organic, local ingredients. With Out The Door’s newly opened restaurant location, you can find inspired variations on those tasty takeout dishes in a more elegant setting. For the gluten free crowd, their wait staff is knowledgeable about which dishes are safe (at the ferry building location they have a list of menu items that contain common allergens). Our waiter directed us to the beef pho and five spice chicken dish, served with thin rice noodles (had to be modified to be gf by omitting a soy sauce marinade). Both meals were exceptionally flavorful, in part because of their seasonal, fresh ingredients. For any trained gluten intolerant eater, you know that finding great Vietnamese food can sometimes be a challenge due to the common use of commercial soy sauce and hoisin sauce (both contain wheat). With restaurants like Out The Door, gluten free folk  aren’t left with a plate of plain rice and steamed vegetables. Instead, we can share in the fun of slurping down a bowl of spicy noodles with all of the traditional flavors intact.