My new favorite spot to grab a fancy little dessert item is Hayes Valley’s Chantal Guillon Macaron and Tea shop. A beautiful selection of colorful macarons made of almond flour and egg whites are handmade in San Francisco with organic ingredients and seasonal fruit flavors. Over a dozen options are offered daily, and every one of them is gluten free!

437A Hayes Street San Francisco, California (415) 864-2400


An irresistible assortment of hand crafted baked goods, eclectic confections and vintage wrapped candies can be found at Miette Confiserie. Though Miette is not a gluten free bakery there are plenty of sweets for gluten intolerant customers to delight themselves with, their most noteworthy being the Parisian macaron. Containing egg whites, powdered sugar, ground almonds, hazelnuts, or pistachios, the macarons are filled with a rich  buttercream rendering them naturally free of gluten ingredients.  Unique flavors like rose geranium, chocolate-orange, and hazelnut make Miette’s macarons a must-try for anyone gone gf. Find the macarons along with other sweets at any of their 3 locations in San Francisco listed below.

*Please note: Although precautions are taken to eliminate any chance of cross contamination, Miette preps their macarons on shared equipment and cannot guarantee their won’t be trace amounts of gluten.


449 Octavia Street, San Francisco -(415) 626-6221

2109 Chestnut Street, San Francisco -(415) 837-0300

# 10, 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco -(415) 837-0300


Straw is a new restaurant in Hayes Valley with a great gluten free menu and a rather unusual theme: carnival fare. While you may envision their patrons consuming fried sugary treats, the menu at Straw is decidedly gourmet. Straw cleverly uses the carnival theme as inspiration for menu items like truffle oil popcorn and”carny” sandwiches on gf bread: think salami and brie with apricot preserves, or sharp cheddar with honey baked ham. So far I’ve only had Straw’s brunch, which actually does not yet have it’s own gf menu. Despite this fact, the waiters are very knowledgeable about cross contamination and let me know that several of the brunch dishes were naturally gluten free, or easily modified to be. I ordered “Wilber’s Revival” which was a braised pork hash (they subbed potatoes for the creamy grits…not sure why the grits weren’t gf). Served with gluten free toast, this meal was not only delicious, but reasonably priced. I will definitely be back to try their gluten free dinner menu in the near future. Its exciting that a restaurant this creative is doing gluten free food from the start.  Stay tuned.

203 Octavia Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 431-3663