Bread SRSLY is a brand new CSA bakery for “foodies with allergies.” Sadie Scheffer went into business after learning of her own gluten intolerance and now delivers bread via bike on Tuesdays in San Francisco and Fridays in the East Bay. Bread SRSLY caters to people that avoid gluten, soy, egg, dairy and nuts. Her breads are made with home dried local herbs and 100% gluten free ingredients, sourced fresh from mills that use clean, uncontaminated equipment. With loaves like whole grain fig & fennel and apricot & cinnamon it’s hard to resist not placing a weekly order. Don’t forget to tack on a wholegrain vegan apple muffin to your delivery (see menu for weekly option).

In addition to bread delivery, Sadie offers awesome gluten free sandwiches on Mondays. Creative combinations like the “steam punk,” a sandwich with ginger shiitake relish, stinging nettle pesto and Point Reyes cheddar (sub avocado for dairy free) on homemade sourdough. Every ingredient can be sourced back to the farm, and the selection changes weekly. Sandwiches are available Mondays at noon at the Yerba Buena Center Steps and at 1pm at the Beach Hut Cafe in Crissy Field, but check her website for weekly menu options and location.

When your bread is delivered, my advice is to eat it with in a couple days or slice and freeze it. Most of you are very familiar with gluten free bread, and her gorgeous handmade loaves are no exception to the rule.

For Tuesday delivery in SF, order by noon on Monday. For Friday delivery in the East Bay, order by noon on Wednesday.


I’ve sung Miglet’s praises in a previous post, but after finally making the hour drive out to the bakery in Danville I’ve got a bit more to say. It was clear from the moment I stepped foot into the bakery that owner and operator Katie Taylor knows how to make gluten free baked goods sell, even to people that don’t have the slightest allergy to wheat. Who could scoff at dozens of beautifully decorated cupcakes lined up neatly in a glistening case? Katie’s display of baked goods doesn’t read as a sad assortment limited to the poor suckers who can’t have wheat. Her lovely selection of treats is begging to be pulled out of the case and eaten. Half a dozen cookie jars line the counters, a case stacked with donuts sits right at eye level, fresh quiches are displayed here and there, and a bona fide gluten free grocery store complete with every allergy free specialty item you could ask for surrounds the whole place. It’s all in the presentation, and at this bakery, there’s an air of excitement that puts you in the mood to buy stuff. Don’t try to debate here over the cupcake or the cookie. The answer is both, and a few of each.

Many gluten free bakeries feel, well, dismal. You walk in excited to pick up a muffin and a loaf of bread, but the place is so empty you can hear the refrigerator running. The baked goods (all 3 of them) are wrapped up to last for weeks, and it smells like bean flour. You’ve been there. But not Miglet’s, this place is somewhere I’d bring my gluten eating friends. I wouldn’t tell them to try the place next door while I shuffled in for my sad muffin. In this case, they’d truly be missing out.

480 San Ramon Valley Blvd # A2 Danville, CA


Imagine being part of a community that’s 100% gluten free. You’d never have to ask about ingredients or quietly slide your plate aside when someone bites into an explosive baguette. The shower of crumbs raining onto your plate would be gluten free, and you could even break off a piece of the bread yourself.

For two weeks such a gathering exists at a summer camp in the rolling hills just outside of Livermore, Ca. Camp Celiac hosts over 200 children aged 9-17 who’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease. Counselors and campers who all adhere to the gluten free diet descend from around the country for this unique experience where mealtime is anxiety free and every food is safe. “All year our campers have to sit back and watch their peers eat foods that to our campers are poison.  For this one week we want to treat our kids like princes and princesses; allow them to fully engage in everything without once having to think, is this gluten free?” Jacqueline Corley and her husband Doug in partnership with the Taylor Family Foundation and YMCA do an outstanding job organizing Camp Celiac on the grounds of Camp Arroyo each year. With activities ranging from camp-wide scavenger hunts and soccer games to art projects, archery lessons and zip-lining, kids have little time to worry about the nuances of being gluten intolerant. Instead campers spend every minute engaging with new friends and immersing themselves in the beautiful setting of Camp Arroyo.

In the mess hall, picture every meal you’ve longed for since going gluten free: lasagna, pizza, mac n’ cheese, ravioli, quesadillas, chicken noodle soup, apple pie, pancakes, french toast… pure comfort food.

If campers are still hungry after three grilled cheese sandwiches, breaded chicken tenders and unlimited access to a salad bar, they can help themselves to a chocolate brownie with thick vanilla icing. Sometimes, the kitchen really gets creative. One lunch hour ended in a build your own cupcake party. Each table was served a dozen red velvet cupcakes (courtesy of Miglet’s Bakery) with accompanying bowls of cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. Campers and counselors were in heaven.

Those of us adhering to a gluten free lifestyle share a close bond. For me, this connection was largely unrealized until volunteering as a counselor at Camp Celiac where friendships are formed almost instantaneously as campers and counselors identify with every joy and pitfall of living gluten free. Attending camp really brought about a fresh outlook on having a significant dietary restriction and its wonderful to see how quickly kids gained confidence as they became part of this close-knit community.

See my previous post for more info here!


In my experience, gluten free falafel is a rare find. Despite the fact the middle eastern dish is traditionally made from ground chickpeas and/or fava beans, most restaurants use a mix of wheat flour to make theirs. Lucky for those of us on a gluten free diet, Liba Falafel Truck serves some outstanding gf falafels and circumnavigates the Bay Area on a weekly basis (be sure to check the website to find their locations).  Owner and operator Gail Lillian is happy to confess her falafels are gluten free and offers the entirely gf “falafel bowl” (3 of them on a bed of organic greens). The warm falafels are topped with a tangy Greek sauce and a variety of garnishes are available to add on yourself.  Most of the toppings are gf, but a chance of cross contamination is definitely possible due to the nature of their salad bar set up. Be sure to complete your order with Liba’s sweet potato fries, served with cilantro, garlic and lime.

Liba Falafel Truck is all about organic food, sourcing local produce,  and eco-friendly business practices like providing takeout boxes and utensils that are all compostable.  The best part is, Liba Falafel truck parks right in my neighborhood every Thursday afternoon- what a treat!


One of the few gluten free bakeries in the bay area that has mastered the art of gluten free baking while operating in a 100% dedicated gluten free kitchen is Miglet’s Cupcake Shop in Danville, Ca. Miglet’s offers at least a dozen exciting cupcake options and is also a full service bakery featuring a wide variety gluten free baked goods.

Owner Katie Taylor has a lifelong passion for baking. After gaining professional experience in the bakery at Whole Foods Market, Katie decided to start her own gluten free bake shop to fill a gap in the growing market for gluten free treats in the bay area. Katie’s biggest inspiration has been her mother, Elaine Taylor of the Taylor Family Foundation who has celiac disease and works to better the lives of children with chronic illnesses and developmental disabilities in Northern California. In a short time, Miglet’s has become an indispensable resource for celiacs and those with other food allergies living in the bay area.

Miglet’s also offers gluten free/vegan cookies and cupcakes.

When I bit into a Miglet’s chocolate chip cookie, I realized I hadn’t eaten a real cookie in 5 years. There are too many goodies on the Miglet’s menu to list them all, and Katie also accommodates just about every special diet (ask about items free of dairy, casein, eggs, soy, nuts, or corn). After all, how many places can a celiac find fresh rolls, donuts, quiches, bread sticks, cakes, and ice cream cookie sandwiches? The best part is, Miglet’s baked goods don’t taste gluten free. Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter filling and a rich mousse frosting on top? I’ll take five. Thousand.

*Find Miglet’s products at the bakery location below or at specialty food stores listed on their website.

480 San Ramon Valley Boulevard, Danville, CA (925) 831-9016


When was the last time you had really good pizza delivered to your door step? Yeah, I didn’t think so. At select locations, Extreme Pizza serves Still Riding 12″ gluten free pizza crust, and it’s the best I’ve tried in the city.  If your unfamiliar with Still Riding Pizza, definitely take a look at their website, they supply gluten free New York style pizza crusts to hundreds of restaurants across the country. Still Riding Pizza educates new clients about cross contamination while setting up safe kitchen practices to ensure their 100% GF crust remains that way. If your house does not fall within Extreme Pizza’s delivery zone, enjoy your crisp gluten free crust in one of their many locations in the bay area. Pictured above is their pizza titled “Green with Envy,” topped with homemade pesto sauce, fresh tomatoes, feta, mozzarella and basil.

1062 Folsom Street, San Francisco
(415) 701-9000

1730 Fillmore Street, San Francisco
(415) 929-9900

1980 Union Street, San Francisco
(415) 929-8234

At last! the perfect gluten free cupcake. You really will not be able to taste the difference. Kara’s Cupcakes to San Francisco is like Sprinkles to Los Angeles or Magnolia to Manhattan- this is why the concept of the trendiest cupcake spot in SF offering a gluten free option initially seemed out of the question. The first few times I was dragged into Kara’s, a GF option did not exist. Somehow they finally got the hint and and boy did they get it right!

Kara’s Cupcakes currently offers two classic flavors of gluten free cupcakes: vanilla and chocolate. Both versions have a wonderfully light, fluffy texture- a welcome departure from your average dense and crumbly gluten free baked good. The vanilla cupcake is topped with a very sweet, buttery swirl of frosting while the chocolate is smothered with a mousse-like one. If you are ever craving sweets while strolling through the Marina or need to pick up a dozen cupcakes for a party, Kara’s is a great go-to. A nice bonus is that they use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible- I was also assured that they use dedicated GF baking tools/kitchen space, however there is a risk of cross contamination as they do not claim to be a certified GF bakery.

3249 Scott Street, San Francisco

(415) 563-2253