In the past couple of years, new restaurants have been popping up all over our neighborhood. What was once considered a no man’s land between Potrero Hill and the Mission is now an up and coming neighborhood dappled with numerous cool bars and acclaimed restaurants. Last night I stumbled upon the brand new Local’s Corner, a cafe just a couple blocks from my apartment. Not quite overflowing with customers yet, this three week old restaurant doesn’t know what’s coming. The menu at Local’s Corner is all about seafood, and appropriately the restaurant’s interior feels like a romantic little cafe in new england. Their cheese and vegetables are farm fresh and the seafood is sourced locally by fishermen committed to sustainability.

Comprised mostly of sharable small plates, the menu lists dishes that feature dungeness crab, rock cod, cured halibut, king salmon, and bay or pacific northwest oysters. We tried four plates, and each one was exceptionally good. Our meal began with a beautiful cheese plate, then an arugula salad (ordered without croutons) tossed with garlic confit and topped with shaved capricious goat cheese, a dish worth more than every penny of the $8. Next we had the dungeness crab which was paired beautifully with delicate spring peas, cara cara oranges and roasted spring onion. To follow were smoked trout rillettes topped with pickled shallot, and finally we had the king salmon served over fava beans and peas. Every dish we tried at Local’s Corner carefully brought out the best of each ingredient, highlighting delicate flavors in a way that made every bite taste impossibly perfect.

Most of the dishes at Local’s Corner are naturally gluten free, but check with your server before ordering.

2500 Bryant Street  San Francisco, CA 94110


Mariposa’s brand new bakery in the Ferry Building opened just over a month ago. The 100% gluten free cafe expanded from a small kiosk offering a limited selection of their Oakland bakery’s treats into a full fledged gourmet gluten free bakery. With a wide variety of baked goods ranging from bagels and baguettes to apple tarts and donuts, Mariposa has every single craving covered. After oogling at their gorgeous spread and then selecting some fresh treats, pick up one of their classic frozen pizza crusts, ravioli, or gnocchi from the freezer.

Mariposa’s Ferry Building Cafe serves both breakfast and lunch items like fresh sandwiches (egg salad, tuna, or veggie) and personal sized quiches. It’s rare to be able to grab a gluten free sandwich on the go, much less eat it looking over the beautiful bay and then finish it off with a fresh baked cookie. Mariposa’s new cafe is a real asset to the gluten free community of San Francisco.


Bread SRSLY is a brand new CSA bakery for “foodies with allergies.” Sadie Scheffer went into business after learning of her own gluten intolerance and now delivers bread via bike on Tuesdays in San Francisco and Fridays in the East Bay. Bread SRSLY caters to people that avoid gluten, soy, egg, dairy and nuts. Her breads are made with home dried local herbs and 100% gluten free ingredients, sourced fresh from mills that use clean, uncontaminated equipment. With loaves like whole grain fig & fennel and apricot & cinnamon it’s hard to resist not placing a weekly order. Don’t forget to tack on a wholegrain vegan apple muffin to your delivery (see menu for weekly option).

In addition to bread delivery, Sadie offers awesome gluten free sandwiches on Mondays. Creative combinations like the “steam punk,” a sandwich with ginger shiitake relish, stinging nettle pesto and Point Reyes cheddar (sub avocado for dairy free) on homemade sourdough. Every ingredient can be sourced back to the farm, and the selection changes weekly. Sandwiches are available Mondays at noon at the Yerba Buena Center Steps and at 1pm at the Beach Hut Cafe in Crissy Field, but check her website for weekly menu options and location.

When your bread is delivered, my advice is to eat it with in a couple days or slice and freeze it. Most of you are very familiar with gluten free bread, and her gorgeous handmade loaves are no exception to the rule.

For Tuesday delivery in SF, order by noon on Monday. For Friday delivery in the East Bay, order by noon on Wednesday.


Spotting the words “gluten free” while scanning the menu outside of an unfamiliar restaurant is a triumphant moment for any celiac. I had one of these moments last weekend after waiting way too long for a table at Radish. Starved, a couple of friends and I wandered down Valencia Street and discovered that Grub offers gluten free noodles with their mac and cheese. Tucked away in the mission on Valencia in between 18th and 19th this happening little spot is plenty knowledgable about the meaning of gluten, and their friendly wait staff will prove it. Menu highlights include their seared artichoke glazed with balsamic, and served with lemon aioli. The waiter confirmed this dish could easily be made gluten free (omit the bread crumbs).

The gluten free creamy mac n’ cheese was also a winner. As if a big bowl of creamy, cheesy noodles isn’t appetizing enough, Grub offers over a dozen “throw-ins” like shaved fennel, caramelized onions, brocoli, and truffle oil for $1 extra each. You could also go for a real cholesterol booster with lobster on top for an extra $3.  If you’re wondering how seriously they take gluten free diners, I was told by the waiter that yes, indeed everything is kept separate. Just make sure to specify that you want gluten free noodles and no breadcrumbs when you order.


758 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110-1735(415) 431-4782


I’ve sung Miglet’s praises in a previous post, but after finally making the hour drive out to the bakery in Danville I’ve got a bit more to say. It was clear from the moment I stepped foot into the bakery that owner and operator Katie Taylor knows how to make gluten free baked goods sell, even to people that don’t have the slightest allergy to wheat. Who could scoff at dozens of beautifully decorated cupcakes lined up neatly in a glistening case? Katie’s display of baked goods doesn’t read as a sad assortment limited to the poor suckers who can’t have wheat. Her lovely selection of treats is begging to be pulled out of the case and eaten. Half a dozen cookie jars line the counters, a case stacked with donuts sits right at eye level, fresh quiches are displayed here and there, and a bona fide gluten free grocery store complete with every allergy free specialty item you could ask for surrounds the whole place. It’s all in the presentation, and at this bakery, there’s an air of excitement that puts you in the mood to buy stuff. Don’t try to debate here over the cupcake or the cookie. The answer is both, and a few of each.

Many gluten free bakeries feel, well, dismal. You walk in excited to pick up a muffin and a loaf of bread, but the place is so empty you can hear the refrigerator running. The baked goods (all 3 of them) are wrapped up to last for weeks, and it smells like bean flour. You’ve been there. But not Miglet’s, this place is somewhere I’d bring my gluten eating friends. I wouldn’t tell them to try the place next door while I shuffled in for my sad muffin. In this case, they’d truly be missing out.

480 San Ramon Valley Blvd # A2 Danville, CA


My new favorite spot to grab a fancy little dessert item is Hayes Valley’s Chantal Guillon Macaron and Tea shop. A beautiful selection of colorful macarons made of almond flour and egg whites are handmade in San Francisco with organic ingredients and seasonal fruit flavors. Over a dozen options are offered daily, and every one of them is gluten free!

437A Hayes Street San Francisco, California (415) 864-2400


The Gluten Free Reviewer Grocery located in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco has an impressive selection of gf products that’ll revolutionize your pantry. A cross between a grocery store and a MOMA gift shop, the eccentric space houses over 600 gluten free items including local baked goods, specialty Asian products, raw food snacks, hard to find pasta brands (including a local company that does gf egg noodles), in addition to many of our well known favorites. I was baffled by the selection; There’s half a wall dedicated to sauces, dressings, and condiments.

Endless gluten free snacking options, flour mixes, a freezer full of unique baked goods, and unusual items like gluten free gnocchi are all available at the newly opened market, and they’re expanding their product selection daily. Stop in for groceries or linger over an espresso at this amazing new resource to the gluten free community. The open aire, artsy vibe of this Dogpatch specialty shop is a welcome variation from your typical supermarket trip.

Gluten Free Grocery
234 Townsend St
San Francisco, CA 94107