The Gluten Free Reviewer Grocery located in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco has an impressive selection of gf products that’ll revolutionize your pantry. A cross between a grocery store and a MOMA gift shop, the eccentric space houses over 600 gluten free items including local baked goods, specialty Asian products, raw food snacks, hard to find pasta brands (including a local company that does gf egg noodles), in addition to many of our well known favorites. I was baffled by the selection; There’s half a wall dedicated to sauces, dressings, and condiments.

Endless gluten free snacking options, flour mixes, a freezer full of unique baked goods, and unusual items like gluten free gnocchi are all available at the newly opened market, and they’re expanding their product selection daily. Stop in for groceries or linger over an espresso at this amazing new resource to the gluten free community. The open aire, artsy vibe of this Dogpatch specialty shop is a welcome variation from your typical supermarket trip.

Gluten Free Grocery
234 Townsend St
San Francisco, CA 94107


I’ve made the 4+ hr drive from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe countless times, yet somehow I always find myself wishing I had brought along more snacks while passing by the slew of unappetizing fast food chains along interstate 80. Even the famed Ikeda’s limits a gluten free customer to the likes of chips and salsa as their burger joint is clearly off limits. After discovering Confluence Kitchen in Auburn just off of exit 121 on 80, I knew I’d never again have face this road trip devoid of good food. Serving fresh gluten free sandwiches, green salads and a variety of frozen meals to go, the Confluence Kitchen is truly an oasis for health conscious diners who favor local and organic produce over the dollar menu at Taco Bell.

On the lunch and dinner menu there are a multitude of vegan and vegetarian choices along with fresh smoothies and pre-made specialty salads like their quinoa with roasted sweet potatoes (look for a little G on the menu to indicate gluten free). The Confluence Kitchen will make every effort to prep sandwiches on a gluten free surface as long as you express the need (the owner assured me that their cooks are trained on how to avoid cross contamination by prepping gluten free orders on a separate surface with fresh utensils and condiments). While you await your order, pick up specialty groceries for the rest of your trip. In the freezer you’ll find their organic frozen meals- some of which are gluten free like their sausage and pepper polenta lasagna, chicken and sausage jambalaya, and black bean enchiladas.

The market also stocks local fresh baked gf breads and baked goods in addition to artisan cheese, gf crackers, Pamela’s baking mixes, cookies, small batch jams, mustards,  gluten free beer and raw food items. The last thing I thought I’d find along I80 was a gourmet grocery crossed with a health conscious deli serving gluten free and vegan sandwiches, it’s great to see gluten free  awareness spreading to smaller towns like Auburn!


Weekdays: 7am-7pm, Weekends: 7am-6pm

13471 Bowman Road, Auburn, Ca

(530) 885-3886


I thought my phone malfunctioned when a gluten free grocery store popped up on the map after searching “gluten free” while driving through Marin. With further research, I came to find that a pair of gluten intolerant siblings had recently opened an exclusively gluten free grocery (I’d rather call it a sanctuary) that houses hundreds of gluten free specialty items. Highlights include excellent fresh baked breads, pies, cookies and granola from local bakeries that really know what they’re doing.

Upon entering Sans Gluten Free Grocery in downtown San Rafael, you will feel right at home with other customers who are quietly oogling over all of the goodies and exchanging knowing glances with strangers around the store. The space itself is filled with natural light and has a commercial kitchen in the back which will serve gluten free sandwiches, pizza and other items in the near future. Be sure to visit the store on Fresh Friday to take home the best baked goods of the week and have first pick at their popular locally baked items.

While perusing the store, I picked up a box of graham cracker pie crust mix, specialty italian breadcrumbs, to-go packets of gluten free tamari, fresh baked chewy dinner rolls, cinnamon raisin bread, and a delicious loaf of multi-seed bread (all bread was local).  Its hard to avoid a gluten free shopping spree at this store, but I’ll be back soon to re-stock my pantry.


821 B Street, San Rafael, CA (415) 454-8888


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