Locating a gluten free sandwich anywhere outside of the confines of your kitchen is next to impossible. At Pica Pica on Valencia Street, you can stop in for a “Maizewich” just like the good old days. Everything on their menu is gluten free. If you’ve never tried an Arepa, Maizewich or Cachapa, they are variations on a delicious Venezuelan corn bread which looks something like a cross between a pancake and pita bread. Choose your specific corn pocket and have it stuffed with a variety of fillings, like tofu, plantains, black beans and a zesty spread or juicy pulled pork with shredded cheese- they even have a chicken salad filling. Two specific vegan options are available, and for the dairy sensitive carnivores- just ask them to leave off the cheese. The Pernil (shredded seasoned beef with plantains and black beans) with or without cheese is delicious- among many others. Don’t ignore the tasty sides offered like yucca fries and sweet plantains. Gluten free beer on tap.

Featured Dish: La Vegetariana

401 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 400-5453