My new favorite spot to grab a fancy little dessert item is Hayes Valley’s Chantal Guillon Macaron and Tea shop. A beautiful selection of colorful macarons made of almond flour and egg whites are handmade in San Francisco with organic ingredients and seasonal fruit flavors. Over a dozen options are offered daily, and every one of them is gluten free!

437A Hayes Street San Francisco, California (415) 864-2400


Bliss Bakery in Santa Rosa has a 100% gf kitchen that serves up some excellent gluten free eats. Daily specials like savory bread pudding, warm vegetable soup, and grilled cheese with fig jam are written on a chalkboard along side a glistening case of artisanal gluten free baked goods. Having ordered one of almost everything, I was more than impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of every treat. At Bliss Bakery, dairy free and vegan options abound. They also have kombucha on tap. Located in the South Arts District of Santa Rosa, Bliss Bakery is slightly off the beaten path. In fact, the bakery is nestled in what appears to be a mostly residential neighborhood. Because of the lack of foot traffic, or maybe it’s just another sign of our times, this amazing little bakery is only open Thursday through Saturday from 10-5pm. Be sure to plan your visit accordingly!

463 Sebastopol Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401-8502
(707) 542-6000

One of the originators of America’s cupcake craze, Sprinkles is best known for its chic Beverly Hills location which flaunts a line of cute blondes around the block on a daily basis. When word spread about a gluten free cupcake option finally being added to the menu, I was floored. I have to admit, I’d like to take a little credit for this celiac friendly addition, for it was I who stood in the endless line with my cupcake obsessed sister in Beverly Hills, only to get up to the counter and regretfully ask, do you have a gluten free option? I guess enough of us asked, and now over a year after its debut the gluten free red velvet cupcake prevails. Sporting the letter G atop the rich cream cheese frosting, the gf red velvet cupcake is true perfection. Even better news, at their Palo Alto location you rarely have to stand in line.

*Sprinkles avoids cross contamination by using separate bowls, spatulas, and baking equipment to prep their gluten free cupcakes. The gf cupcakes are always stored separately from their regular line of cupcakes.

393 Stanford Shopping Center
Palo Alto, CA 94304
(650) 323-9300


I was delighted to spot gluten free tea cakes and cookies at Progressive Grounds Coffee House in Bernal Heights amidst their selection of regular pastries. It turns out, Sweet Mill Food Company is a wholesale distributor of local gourmet baked goods and stocks dozens of bay area stores (see below list) with fresh gluten free baked items. Based in San Rafael, Sweet Mill Food Company’s gluten free distribution consists of their own Sweet Millie’s almond tea cakes, Barry’s Theater Cookies of Arcata, CA, and Sweet Things bakery from Tiburon.

Pictured above are Barry’s Theatre Cookies and Billowy Mellows, a Wonka-esque treat consisting of homemade marshmallows flavored with raspberry, mocha, peppermint, or orange and then covered in chocolate. Digging into the delicious messy amalgam will leave you feeling like a sticky-fingered child.

“Sweetmillie” Gluten-Free Tea Cakes:
Aqus Café, Petaluma
Book Passage, Corte Madera
Double Rainbow, San Rafael
My Friend Joe, Santa Rosa & Sebastopol
Progressive Grounds,SF
Roasters Espresso Bar, Santa Rosa
San Anselmo Coffee Roasters
Santa Rosa Community Market

Barry’s Theatre Cookies
Mollie Stones, (all stores as of April 26th)
Roberts Markets, Woodside & Portolla Valley
Mill Valley Market
United Market, San Rafael
La Coppa Coffee, Mill Valley & Ignacio
Petaluma Coffee & Tea
Ted’s, SF
Book Passage, Corte Madera
Café Abir, SF
Haight Ashbury Market, SF
Lagunitas Deli, Lagunitas
Nordstrom Espresso Bars
Great Bear Coffee, Los Gatos
Woodlands Market, Kentfield


Crave is a San Francisco based wholesale gluten and dairy free bakery that supplies a range of fantastic baked goods to grocery and specialty food stores throughout the Bay Area and a dozen other states in the US. Available in the region at stores like Whole Foods, Rainbow, and many others, Crave makes purchasing high quality pre-made baked goods as easy as it gets. With superior flavor and texture, Crave’s unique combination of ingredients lends well to a light, airy quality foreign to many store bought gluten free baked goods. Not only are their products  routinely tested for any presence of gluten, Crave’s baked goods are made of ingredients they’re actually proud of like organic free range eggs and non hydrogenated organic oils.

One of my favorite Crave products are the vanilla cupcakes- it’s hard to believe the rich, buttery frosting is dairy free and with a couple seconds in the microwave, the cupcakes go from frozen to soft and delicious. Another fantastic item is their chocolate cake, which is hands down one of the best gluten free chocolate cakes I’ve tried (and I make a pretty good one from scratch).  Serve any of these baked goods for dessert and no one would believe they are both gluten and dairy free, much less that they came out of the fridge or freezer section of your local grocery. Although I tend to be one to seek out fresh baked goods vs. frozen, Crave Bakery is one welcomed exception.

*Crave Bakery also does custom order gluten and dairy free cakes/cupcakes for weddings or special events.



An irresistible assortment of hand crafted baked goods, eclectic confections and vintage wrapped candies can be found at Miette Confiserie. Though Miette is not a gluten free bakery there are plenty of sweets for gluten intolerant customers to delight themselves with, their most noteworthy being the Parisian macaron. Containing egg whites, powdered sugar, ground almonds, hazelnuts, or pistachios, the macarons are filled with a rich  buttercream rendering them naturally free of gluten ingredients.  Unique flavors like rose geranium, chocolate-orange, and hazelnut make Miette’s macarons a must-try for anyone gone gf. Find the macarons along with other sweets at any of their 3 locations in San Francisco listed below.

*Please note: Although precautions are taken to eliminate any chance of cross contamination, Miette preps their macarons on shared equipment and cannot guarantee their won’t be trace amounts of gluten.


449 Octavia Street, San Francisco -(415) 626-6221

2109 Chestnut Street, San Francisco -(415) 837-0300

# 10, 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco -(415) 837-0300


One of the few gluten free bakeries in the bay area that has mastered the art of gluten free baking while operating in a 100% dedicated gluten free kitchen is Miglet’s Cupcake Shop in Danville, Ca. Miglet’s offers at least a dozen exciting cupcake options and is also a full service bakery featuring a wide variety gluten free baked goods.

Owner Katie Taylor has a lifelong passion for baking. After gaining professional experience in the bakery at Whole Foods Market, Katie decided to start her own gluten free bake shop to fill a gap in the growing market for gluten free treats in the bay area. Katie’s biggest inspiration has been her mother, Elaine Taylor of the Taylor Family Foundation who has celiac disease and works to better the lives of children with chronic illnesses and developmental disabilities in Northern California. In a short time, Miglet’s has become an indispensable resource for celiacs and those with other food allergies living in the bay area.

Miglet’s also offers gluten free/vegan cookies and cupcakes.

When I bit into a Miglet’s chocolate chip cookie, I realized I hadn’t eaten a real cookie in 5 years. There are too many goodies on the Miglet’s menu to list them all, and Katie also accommodates just about every special diet (ask about items free of dairy, casein, eggs, soy, nuts, or corn). After all, how many places can a celiac find fresh rolls, donuts, quiches, bread sticks, cakes, and ice cream cookie sandwiches? The best part is, Miglet’s baked goods don’t taste gluten free. Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter filling and a rich mousse frosting on top? I’ll take five. Thousand.

*Find Miglet’s products at the bakery location below or at specialty food stores listed on their website.

480 San Ramon Valley Boulevard, Danville, CA (925) 831-9016