Apr 012013

Gluten free bakeries and specialty services have been popping up all over the bay area this past year. The more people that swear off gluten, the more that want the wheatless goodies. Good thing we don’t all have to swarm Mariposa (we still love them) or the freezer section at Whole Foods for a gluten free cookie anymore. Now there are countless places to get your carb fix, and some even deliver.

Motek Treats is a brand new gluten free baking service that was launched by a young couple who have an affinity for whipping up gluten free treats made for delivery. Unique items like parmesean boule, cinnamon babka, specialty cookies and chocolate covered matzoh crackers are adored by their customers. After tasting an assortment of their treats, it’s safe to say that the fresh pasta, parmesan boule and the peanut butter nutella cookies absolutely must be included in your order.  Their handmade pasta boiled up in 3 minutes and had the most wonderful texture. Get your Motek treats here!


Flour Craft Bakery, the the first free standing 100% gluten free bake shop in Marin opened last week in downtown San Anselmo and we welcome it to the community.

Flour Craft is selling more than their hand crafted granola found at most bay area Whole Foods and gourmet markets. Artisan cakes, muffins, pastries, cookies, scones, and brioche are all made on location with the highest quality ingredients (they’re a member of Marin Organic). Granola and yogurt parfaits, home-made quiche, custom pies and cakes. There is so much I need to try. It has been challenging not to stop in every time I drive by, but I will admit I’ve indulged in their bread pudding, strawberry scones, sugar cookies and a loaf of their bread. It has all been fantastic. I’ve been to a lot of gluten free bakeries folks, this one is a keeper. Gluten free and vegan? they’ve got options.



Coffee Bar in Truckee, CA might just be Tahoe’s best spot for gluten free foodies. The italian inspired coffee shop is known for its high grade organic coffee and skilled latte art, but they also serve a number of fresh gluten free baked goods. Quiches, big fresh muffins, and a variety of cupcakes are all made for Coffee Bar daily at a local gluten free bakery. You’ll also find fresh squeezed organic juices, smoothies, teas, and salads on the menu, most made with locally sourced ingredients. A less healthy but truly fantastic treat is the Marochinno, a cup of organic espresso lined in nutella with a scoop of gelato and a swirl of whipped cream.

10120 Jibboom St # 101  Truckee, CA 96161


Mariposa’s brand new bakery in the Ferry Building opened just over a month ago. The 100% gluten free cafe expanded from a small kiosk offering a limited selection of their Oakland bakery’s treats into a full fledged gourmet gluten free bakery. With a wide variety of baked goods ranging from bagels and baguettes to apple tarts and donuts, Mariposa has every single craving covered. After oogling at their gorgeous spread and then selecting some fresh treats, pick up one of their classic frozen pizza crusts, ravioli, or gnocchi from the freezer.

Mariposa’s Ferry Building Cafe serves both breakfast and lunch items like fresh sandwiches (egg salad, tuna, or veggie) and personal sized quiches. It’s rare to be able to grab a gluten free sandwich on the go, much less eat it looking over the beautiful bay and then finish it off with a fresh baked cookie. Mariposa’s new cafe is a real asset to the gluten free community of San Francisco.


Bread SRSLY is a brand new CSA bakery for “foodies with allergies.” Sadie Scheffer went into business after learning of her own gluten intolerance and now delivers bread via bike on Tuesdays in San Francisco and Fridays in the East Bay. Bread SRSLY caters to people that avoid gluten, soy, egg, dairy and nuts. Her breads are made with home dried local herbs and 100% gluten free ingredients, sourced fresh from mills that use clean, uncontaminated equipment. With loaves like whole grain fig & fennel and apricot & cinnamon it’s hard to resist not placing a weekly order. Don’t forget to tack on a wholegrain vegan apple muffin to your delivery (see menu for weekly option).

In addition to bread delivery, Sadie offers awesome gluten free sandwiches on Mondays. Creative combinations like the “steam punk,” a sandwich with ginger shiitake relish, stinging nettle pesto and Point Reyes cheddar (sub avocado for dairy free) on homemade sourdough. Every ingredient can be sourced back to the farm, and the selection changes weekly. Sandwiches are available Mondays at noon at the Yerba Buena Center Steps and at 1pm at the Beach Hut Cafe in Crissy Field, but check her website for weekly menu options and location.

When your bread is delivered, my advice is to eat it with in a couple days or slice and freeze it. Most of you are very familiar with gluten free bread, and her gorgeous handmade loaves are no exception to the rule.

For Tuesday delivery in SF, order by noon on Monday. For Friday delivery in the East Bay, order by noon on Wednesday.


I’ve sung Miglet’s praises in a previous post, but after finally making the hour drive out to the bakery in Danville I’ve got a bit more to say. It was clear from the moment I stepped foot into the bakery that owner and operator Katie Taylor knows how to make gluten free baked goods sell, even to people that don’t have the slightest allergy to wheat. Who could scoff at dozens of beautifully decorated cupcakes lined up neatly in a glistening case? Katie’s display of baked goods doesn’t read as a sad assortment limited to the poor suckers who can’t have wheat. Her lovely selection of treats is begging to be pulled out of the case and eaten. Half a dozen cookie jars line the counters, a case stacked with donuts sits right at eye level, fresh quiches are displayed here and there, and a bona fide gluten free grocery store complete with every allergy free specialty item you could ask for surrounds the whole place. It’s all in the presentation, and at this bakery, there’s an air of excitement that puts you in the mood to buy stuff. Don’t try to debate here over the cupcake or the cookie. The answer is both, and a few of each.

Many gluten free bakeries feel, well, dismal. You walk in excited to pick up a muffin and a loaf of bread, but the place is so empty you can hear the refrigerator running. The baked goods (all 3 of them) are wrapped up to last for weeks, and it smells like bean flour. You’ve been there. But not Miglet’s, this place is somewhere I’d bring my gluten eating friends. I wouldn’t tell them to try the place next door while I shuffled in for my sad muffin. In this case, they’d truly be missing out.

480 San Ramon Valley Blvd # A2 Danville, CA


I’ve had this recurring dream lately. I’m standing inside a fragrant donut shop marveling at my purchase, and then right before I take a big bite into my jelly donut covered in powdered sugar, I awake to my reality. Gluten free diet, no donuts.

I’ve yearned for plenty of wheaty things that seem virtually impossible to recreate with gluten free flours. Feta and spinach stuffed croissants, tortellini, flaky biscuits, thick crusty bread. With some foods, I know I’ll just have to wait a couple years for gluten free technology to get there. Donuts on the other hand, seemed more feasible. Knowing I couldn’t score a good gluten free donut right here in San Francisco, I began searching for recipes. Ultimately, I decided that going through the process of dropping sugary dough into a big vat of hot oil in my own kitchen just killed the buzz, so I kept to my regular baking routine.

Then I heard about Fōnuts, a trendy little Los Angeles bakeshop doing gluten free donuts amongst their regular line-up. On the days I stopped in, Fōnuts had six or seven flavors of gluten free donuts (many of them were vegan too) all arranged neatly on their own trays. Their claim to fame is that the donuts are baked, but don’t be discouraged, this isn’t some overly healthy donut. They’re sugary, decadent, and have a wonderfully moist, cakey texture. My favorite flavors were lemon and coconut passion fruit, though every other one I tried was also fantastic. If you’re in Los Angeles, stopping here is a must.

8104 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 592-3075