Aug 152012

Finally, a good gluten free wrap. Gosh, that took a while. Every wrap I’ve tried in my 7 years of celiac has been either hard and chewy, or flaked off into dust as I ate it. Oh and corn tortillas? they don’t count as wraps. Rudi’s spinach tortillas have great flavor and texture, there’s actually some nice elasticity to them that allows them to function like a normal wrap. Before you fill it with your favorite ingredients, make sure to heat it up for a few seconds in a hot frying pan on each side, it helps to soften it (careful not to heat it too much or it will turn into a giant potato chip). Roll it up and eat it immediately or wrap it in foil and pack it in your lunch bag, they keep really well that way.

The above chips are Kettle’s Honey Mustard Potato Chips (gluten free).

Where to buy Rudi’s wraps: I know you can find them at Sans gluten free grocery in San Rafael, but I haven’t seen these things at Whole Foods. Let me know if you notice them in other stores in the Bay Area!

  4 Responses to “Rudi’s Spinach Wraps”

  1. Yum! These look really good. It’s so difficult to find a gluten free wrap that doesn’t either fall apart or is made on shared equipment with wheat. I’ll have to look out for these :)

  2. They sell them at Rainbow!!!

  3. I like the fiesta flavor- A LOT too!

  4. I have seen them selling in Glen Park’s Canyon Market! (yay!)

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