Chocolate Buckwheat Cake

Jun 252012

Inspiration for new recipes can come from all sorts of places. A great dish at a restaurant, a photo on the cover of a magazine at the grocery store check-out, a borrowed cookbook. More often then not, it comes from scrolling through a favorite food blog, and gluten free recipes posted on non-gluten free blogs always catch my attention. It must be good if they’re willing to forego the protein that seems to make baking a whole lot more reliable and successful. What an unusual occasion it is when I don’t have to substitute one flour for another and hope for the best.

The recipe for chocolate buckwheat cake was posted by the talented Deb Perelman at Smitten Kitchen back in May. Equal parts almond meal and buckwheat flour produce a moist, delicate chocolate cake with a unique (but not too unique) flavor. This cake isn’t so rich you’ll have trouble standing up after you eat it, but it isn’t so healthy you’re still craving desert.  Pair it with fresh whipped cream and a good cup of coffee for a european taste, or double the recipe, smother it in chocolate frosting, and stick candles in it for a birthday. Find the recipe here.

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