I forgot how much I loved egg rolls and dumplings until I was reunited with them in my very own kitchen last week. Based in San Francisco, Feel Good Foods is an amazing little company that’s stocking specialty grocery stores nationwide with frozen gluten free eggrolls and dumplings. Owner Vanessa Phillips and her husband have developed an excellent product that’s not only easy to prepare in your own kitchen but also tastes just like what you’d get in a restaurant.

Per Vanessa’s suggestion, I deviated from the (healthier) instructions on the package and cooked my vegetarian eggrolls first for a minute in the microwave, and then crisped them up for several minutes in a pan with a few tablespoons of oil. Making sure to rotate them as each side browned, the eggrolls turned out perfectly. I threw together a little salad and dipping sauce to make it a meal (see above photo).

Feel Good Foods handmade vegetable dumplings are easily prepared in a nonstick pan with a little bit of water and oil. Each box comes with 8 dumplings and a tasty dipping sauce. Paired with an arugula salad and steamed edamame, it was a perfect lunch for two.

Check out their website to view each product, they’ve even posted cooking demos and a great FAQ page.

Here’s a list of where they’re sold in the Bay Area:

1200 Irving Street, San Francisco

1414 University Avenue, Berkeley

1550 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

Oceana Market
200 Eureka Square, Pacifica

1850 Solano Avenue, Berkeley

1218 West Hillsdale Boulevard , San Mateo

100 Center Boulevard, San Anselmo


Miglet’s Gluten Free Bakery
480 San Romon Blvd #A2, Danville

Country Sun
440 S California Ave , Palo Alto

Piazza’s Fine Foods
3922 Middlefield Road , Palo Alto


Golden Carrot Natural Foods
1621 West Imola Avenue, Napa

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