I’ve sung Miglet’s praises in a previous post, but after finally making the hour drive out to the bakery in Danville I’ve got a bit more to say. It was clear from the moment I stepped foot into the bakery that owner and operator Katie Taylor knows how to make gluten free baked goods sell, even to people that don’t have the slightest allergy to wheat. Who could scoff at dozens of beautifully decorated cupcakes lined up neatly in a glistening case? Katie’s display of baked goods doesn’t read as a sad assortment limited to the poor suckers who can’t have wheat. Her lovely selection of treats is begging to be pulled out of the case and eaten. Half a dozen cookie jars line the counters, a case stacked with donuts sits right at eye level, fresh quiches are displayed here and there, and a bona fide gluten free grocery store complete with every allergy free specialty item you could ask for surrounds the whole place. It’s all in the presentation, and at this bakery, there’s an air of excitement that puts you in the mood to buy stuff. Don’t try to debate here over the cupcake or the cookie. The answer is both, and a few of each.

Many gluten free bakeries feel, well, dismal. You walk in excited to pick up a muffin and a loaf of bread, but the place is so empty you can hear the refrigerator running. The baked goods (all 3 of them) are wrapped up to last for weeks, and it smells like bean flour. You’ve been there. But not Miglet’s, this place is somewhere I’d bring my gluten eating friends. I wouldn’t tell them to try the place next door while I shuffled in for my sad muffin. In this case, they’d truly be missing out.

480 San Ramon Valley Blvd # A2 Danville, CA

  3 Responses to “Miglet’s Cupcake Shop”

  1. Wow, so well described and photographed! Miglet’s is a party for your cravings and of course your mouth!!!

  2. So much more than just a GF cupcake shop. Groceries available in addition to the baked yummy goodnesses. A great place to pick up a quick lunch on the go (quiche, pot pie, breakfast sandwich) or dinner on the way home from a busy day. Thanks for highlighting my favorite shop.

  3. We LOVE Miglets….can’t believe that things so delicious can be GF!!! Amazing! They made all of the cupcakes for my daughter’s party and nobody knew the difference. Fabulous find and worth the drive!

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