In the past couple months, a seemingly exponential growth in gluten free awareness has resulted in an explosion of new gf products, related news articles, and menu options at local restaurants. The whole thing really hit home at the AT&T park the other night during a Giants game when I came across a sign for gluten free hot dogs. Yup, they were serving gluten free hot dogs outfitted with a tapioca flour bun and a gluten free Red Bridge beer. Seated behind home plate, I enjoyed the first all out hot dog I’ve had in over 5 years. Up until this month, gluten free hot dog buns could be described only as dense, crumbly rolls you might find packaged at the bottom of the freezer section in Whole Foods. Giving up on the bun all together, I decided eating a hot dog on a plate was too unappetizing to bear. Now with popular brands like Udi’s and Rudi’s debuting their new line of BBQ friendly gluten free breads (that are actually amazing in texture and flavor), getting a gluten free hot dog at the ballpark may seem like less of a novelty in a short time. For now, the hot dog, the bun and the beer were a total thrill. I’m not sure as to where the tapioca buns are sourced, but they resemble any other sweet white bread hot dog bun you’d expect to find at a baseball game. The hot dogs and Red Bridge beer are sold at the Budweiser Brew Pub in Promenade Section 112.

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  1. I agree–GF awareness has grown exponentially in SF in the last six months or so. Safeway and other supermarkets now use GF labels and carry some specialized food, Mollie Stone’s has expanded its GF selection as has Bristol Farms (now carrying bread).

    Tried Zpizza yesterday–easily the best GF pizza I have ever had. Superb.

    I need to try Out the Door–usually go to Zadin.

  2. I heard about this through my friends at Sans Gluten-Free Grocery in San Rafael – I believe they participated in this very cool event. I mean GF hot dogs at AT&T? I may have to start going to Giants games again! I actually drive from Petaluma to San Rafael to frequent this store as they have a lot of items that Whole Foods doesn’t have as well as freshly made food in their new kitchen.

    Can’t wait to see what new GF treat is in store at the ballpark….GF potstickers perhaps????

  3. The gluten free hot dog was amazing!!! I could not imagine ever eating at a sports game ever again! Wish they’d do something like this in Australia!!!!!

  4. Hi
    Do you know if the hot dogs are dairy free as well?

  5. Can’t say enough how much Gluten Free foods at public places mean to me… I dont feel like such an outcast. Thank you thank you thank you!!

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