Jan 172011


Zukra is a Santa Francisco based gluten free company that supplies wholesale and special order baked goods to stores and individuals in the bay area. I was delighted to discover Zukra’s booth at SF Underground Market, and found her display of gluten free items irresistible. Made with organic, local, and all natural ingredients, Leslie (owner) has a knack for the gluten free business and seems to love what she does. I tasted her brownies and picked up a loaf of the jalapeno cheddar bread to take home- amazing! Find an array of gluten free products on Zukra’s website- she will deliver a box of fresh baked gluten free goodies right to your door step.

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  1. I would definitely add Mama Baretta’s (Penngrove, CA) to the list of fabulous GF breads/bakeries. She also makes Italian wedding/snowball cookies, almond cookies that are vegan and biscotti (yes!). I find her products at Sans Gluten-Free Grocery in San Rafael and the Wild Goat Bistro in Petaluma features her bread on their sandwiches and carries both flavors of biscotti – how nice to have a biscotti with your after dinner capuccino!

  2. He probado las galletas Irresistible sin gluten y las he sentido tan ricas que por eso estoy escribiendo para dar las gracias de que existan personas y productos que nos hagan olvidar que somos celiacos
    Es una pena queno pueda obtenerlas pero vivo en Perú.

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