Minako Organic Japanese Restaurant is a gluten free secret tucked away in the heart of the Mission (between 18th and 19th St). You will quickly be welcomed into this homey restaurant by the friendly owner and operator who truly takes pride in what she does. Minako’s menu features a variety of organic, gluten free, and vegan options for sushi and cooked Japanese cuisine.  The seemingly endless menu is almost all easily modified to be gluten free, but be sure to ask for their gf menu as well. Items like gluten free tempura, teriyaki chicken, and many other hard to find Japanese favorites have been included by the talented chef who happens to be the owner’s mother. It’s unusual to walk out of Minako without spending a bit more time and money then you may have anticipated (all of the small plates tend to add up) but it is well worth every penny to be able to indulge in tempura battered shrimp, and some of the Japanese classics us gluten intolerant tend to miss out on. Leave your gf tamari at home, she’s got it covered.

Featured Dishes: Temura Shrimp and Vegetables, Red Tuna with Garlic-Lemon Dressing, Vegan Special Roll

2154 Mission St
(between 18th St & Clarion Aly)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 864-1888

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  1. your blog is great , thank you for all the wonderful information

  2. I would highly recommend BLACKBIRD BAKERY GLUTEN FREE cookbook. I have not been disappointed with any of the recipes I’ve tried.

  3. Is the fryer shared with gluten-containing items??

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