Cafe Gratitude features an entirely gluten free menu that is completely vegan, mostly raw, yet unbelievably flavorful and filling. With several locations in California, Cafe Gratitude’s menu includes ingredients grown on their biodynamic organic farms. They are focused on promoting a strong sense of community values by providing their patrons with communal dining, and a new age vibe. If you can get past the question of the day (your waiter will ask you something along the lines of “what empowers you?”) you will be in for a unique, unforgettable meal. Creamy vegan desserts, raw pizza covered in cashew cheese, and rich “milk” shakes are all part of their exceptional all-organic menu.

Featured Dish: “I am Honoring” Live Nachos: Carrot flax chips with spicy sunflower seed “refried beans” on a bed of mixed greens with guacamole, salsa, and cashew nacho cheese.

Featured Dessert: Key Lime Pie

*Check out Gracias Madre, their restaurant that serves excellent vegan/gluten free mexican food.

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  1. good memories! yum………

  2. Yeeeee Haw, I love me some Gratitude!

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