For an authentic Mediterranean meal with a cozy, warm atmosphere, try Cafe La Mediteranee on Fillmore Street. Although they have 3 locations in the Bay Area that will accommodate gf customers, their Fillmore St. location is the only spot that provides a gluten free menu. A multitude of exceptional gluten free options include items like kebabs, soups, and an Armenian potato salad, which is not to be missed. For the main course, “Chicken Pomegranate” is an absolute must. Served atop perfectly spiced rice pilaf with hummus and fresh greens, the 4 chicken drumsticks have been marinated to perfection in a tangy, delicious sauce that will leave you craving it days after the fact. For dessert, try the Crème Brulee.

*Please note: Although their menus are virtually identical, the ingredients vary at each location so please check with your server.

2210 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA 94115

(415) 921-2956

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  1. Try La Med on Noe St., too. Same gluten-free goodies!

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