Locating a gluten free sandwich anywhere outside of the confines of your kitchen is next to impossible. At Pica Pica on Valencia Street, you can stop in for a “Maizewich” just like the good old days. Everything on their menu is gluten free. If you’ve never tried an Arepa, Maizewich or Cachapa, they are variations on a delicious Venezuelan corn bread which looks something like a cross between a pancake and pita bread. Choose your specific corn pocket and have it stuffed with a variety of fillings, like tofu, plantains, black beans and a zesty spread or juicy pulled pork with shredded cheese- they even have a chicken salad filling. Two specific vegan options are available, and for the dairy sensitive carnivores- just ask them to leave off the cheese. The Pernil (shredded seasoned beef with plantains and black beans) with or without cheese is delicious- among many others. Don’t ignore the tasty sides offered like yucca fries and sweet plantains. Gluten free beer on tap.

Featured Dish: La Vegetariana

401 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 400-5453

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  1. heard that the masa harina that they use has cross contamination problems

    • The corn flour that we use to make arepas is manufactured in Colombia and the package states that there migth be traces of gluten in the flour as they don’t operate in a GF facility. I have had the flour tested in the University of Nebraska Laboratory and the flour came back with results of 5PPM, which I understand qualifies as GF and is far below the FDA standards of 20PPM. We test the flour regularly. If you need more information email me at [email protected]

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