Farm Fresh to You is one of the Bay Area’s best CSA programs. I’ve become addicted to the $25 10lb fruit and vegetable box arriving bi-weekly with an exciting array of organic produce that was harvested less then 48 hours before being delivered to my doorstep. Having 10 or 20 pounds of vegetables dropped off at your home weekly or biweekly may seem like a daunting prospect. However, when you have the flexibility of excluding vegetables you may not care for, or that you grow in your own garden, using all of the items in your box becomes less of a challenge. Between 2 people, the 10lb’s of FFTY produce is typically polished off within 5 days. Another plus is that FFTY allows customers to cancel or postpone their service at any point in time. The website makes it easy to control your orders and check what items will be included in your box for the week, so that you can plan your grocery and farmers’ market purchases accordingly.

Featured: Produce from the November 2nd 10lb “small mixed fruit and veggie” box.

*Check out their gourmet grocery store in the Ferry Building.

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  1. I agree with you I love the flexibility of FFTY.

    I received my first box this week. The Kohlrabi is delicious! I hate mushrooms so I love the fact I can ask them to remove that from my selection.

    Nice blog.

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