Mariposa Gluten Free Baking Co. is the go-to bakery in the Bay Area for everything gluten-free. With two locations, and products sold at local grocery stores, their baked goods are readily accessible to the region. Mariposa houses their widest range of handmade GF baked goods at their Oakland location on Telegraph Ave – an exclusively gluten free facility. Many of their items are dairy free and even vegan: each product is typically labeled accordingly.

Baked fresh in Oakland are a variety of GF treats such as cinnamon rolls, brownies, vegan penguino’s (GF version of a twinkie), cupcakes, cheesecake bites, and tea loaves. On the savory side, they serve up some amazing foccacia bread, vegetarian quiche, pre-made paninis, and fresh gnocchi. Take note of their daily baking schedule so you can pick up the freshest breads or pizza crusts. Also be sure to also check their freezer for gluten free ravioli, pre-made pizzas, french baguettes, bagels, and cakes. If you cant make it to the East Bay, Mariposa has a kiosk in the Ferry Building stocked daily with a great selection of fresh baked goods and freezer items. They’re Open 7 days a week at both locations.

Featured Lunch Item: Salami sandwich with roasted mediterranean spread served on a french baguette. (Only at their Ferry Building location.)

Featured Sweets: Coconut Creme Cupcake (Served only in their Oakland location).

5427 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA

(510) 595-0955

  6 Responses to “Mariposa Baking Co.”

  1. Your website is so great it makes me not only want to move to SF, but also almost wish I were a celiac.

  2. Thanks so much for suggesting I buy the Mariposa bagette! It was amazing!!! Better than those in Paris when I ate gluten. Also tried the rosemary rolls sliced and toasted with cheese… YUM!

  3. I really like the squash ravioli. I make a cream sauce with white wine and sage. Yum.

  4. News!!! Mariposa has moved from their hallway kiosk to a shop and greatly expanded the goodies they carry. Four different sandwiches and pieces of cheesecake. So good.

  5. I love Mariposa Baking! Both times I was in S.F. I made sure t go there. I love the make it your own sandwich. The price is good for the quantity and quality, it beats out so many other places.

  6. I love Mariposa Baking! The times I have been to S.F. I have made sure to go there.

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