Gracias Madre offers a gourmet, vegan take on Mexican cuisine with a menu featuring locally grown ingredients combined to create excellent seasonal dishes. A mecca for any vegan or gluten sensitive eater, this restaurant exemplifies healthy eating, yet leaves you feeling indulgent by way of creamy cashew cheeses and rich, spicy butternut squash fillings served with handmade corn tortillas. Don’t expect to walk out hungry.

Please note: The majority of their menu is gluten free by nature, however, there are about 3 or 4 dishes that do contain wheat. Make sure to confirm that your order is GF, their waitstaff is well versed.

Featured Dishes: Quesadillas de Calabaza & Papas al Horno

Featured Dessert: Flan. You won’t know its vegan.

*Also try their other restaurant, Cafe Gratitude -the entire menu is Gluten Free!

2211 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110-1811

(415) 683-1346

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